Digible is a Norwegian based 3D-printables platform. We want to enable the 3D-printing economy worldwide, by helping designers, hobbyists and professionals share their models, methods and information. Our vision is world in which traditional mass production is abolished, and all physical products are cloud based until someone wants to produce via digital fabrication. I believe, that world is fast advancing with the opening up 3DP technology for the consumer section. Quite frequently, since I began an interest in 3D printing since March 2013 people have quipped "When are these printers gonna produce high quality ?". And my answer has always been the same, "Just wait." :). Digible is my effort to advance this new world of cloud based fabrication. The third industrial revolution is already here. Mass production will never be the same again.


Since Digible is currently a startup run fully by one person, it is necessarily a somewhat personal story. It started with RepRap. The reprap community helped me journey into 3D-printing, digital fabrication and the sphere today called The Maker Movement". I did everything from assembling a reprap, to modeling and printing as a service. With time, I saw clearly that the future of production was changing. Albeit too slowly for most people to realize it. Thus the idea of Digible was conceived, around the time of MakeXYZ and Shapeways heyday. But first I needed developers, until I realized I was just better off learning web development. And today we are here, dedicated to helping makers, designers, 3d-print entuasiasts and other dream catchers change the world of industrial production.

Company Info

Organization no: 916 708 459

Country: Norway

54 Lafayette Street, San Francisco, USA.

Pl√łens gate 4, Oslo, Norway.
Phone: +47 461 64687

Org nr. 916 708 459.